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Your unique provider!

No more hustle with multiple teambuilding suppliers!

My Great Office: we handle all that 100 teambuilding suppliers do for you by streamlining service centralisation and consolidating your billing system.

We are the B2B ideal connection 
by offering:

Exclusive Teambuildings Provider

Say goodbye to the hassle of engaging multiple providers of teambuilding activities - we provide a comprehensive solution, streamlining the process by organising personalized events a company might need based on the profile of its team.

Streamlining Service Centralisation

This approach is focused unifying various services under a centralised structure, eliminating redundancies, and improving overall operational effectiveness. By streamlining service centralisation, organisations achieve to enhance coordination and reduce costs.

Unified Billing System

This system consolidates various charges or costs associated with multiple services or products into a single, cohesive billing structure.

It promotes efficiency, reduces the likelihood of errors and streamlines administrative processes for businesses.

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

We focus on addressing physical, emotional, and social aspects, creating a healthy and motivating workplace. Initiatives such as mental health programs and wellness activities, contributing to employee satisfaction and productivity.

Roadmap for Rituals Ideas

A roadmap serves as a guide for systematically introducing, evolving, and sustaining rituals -crucial activities that align with the values of your company. By fostering shared experiences and traditions, we contribute to a sense of community, connection, and purpose within your workplace.


Well, not in our menu yet. But, goodness, you can bet they'd be absolutely phenomenal! ;)"

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Geanina Ciascai

My mission is to simplify and unify various services under a centralised structure, implementing a Workplace Climate and at the same time ensuring a unique B2B experience.

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About me

A Workplace Experience Manager, bringing over 10 years of experience in Workplace Management and Events Organizer within diverse corporate settings on a global scale.

Driven by a profound passion for the corporate realm, I'm dedicated to creating a lasting impact that evolves into a positive workplace culture. 

In my previous role at Block, my work significantly improved team productivity by restructuring the office space and implementing strategic rituals roadmap ensuring a healthy work-life balance for the team. Post-pandemic, and navigating the complexities of a hybrid work model, I successfully had transformed the office space into a community, instilling a deep sense of belonging and collaboration.

If you're looking to enhance your workplace culture or need guidance in workspace climate, I'd be delighted to explore how we can collaborate.

Connect with me to kick-start the conversation and work together towards creating a trend work environment!

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